Professional car washes are better for the environment than washing your car at home.

Car owners should keep their car clean for more than just cosmetic reasons. A clean car is safer, improves fuel efficiency, and is worth more in the long run. However, cleaning a car in a driveway wastes water and contributes to pollution

WaterSavers® Car Wash

As a WaterSavers® Car Wash, Evolution Car Wash Express uses no more than 40 gallons of water per car in our drive-thru bays. Compare that to a home washing machine that can use up to 48 gallons of water per cycle or a garden hose running for five minutes that can waste up to 63 gallons of water!

In order to be included in this national program, we...

  • direct our water discharge to a treatment plant
  • have a backflow prevention device installed on our water supply
  • reuse at least 80% of the water from our washes

It’s time to wash responsibly!