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Scrubbs Club members will be charged automatically every month and once you sign up, you get exclusive access to our member Express Car Wash Lane. No waiting, no unsightly barcode stickers on your windshield, no selections or payments to be made, just sit back and enjoy the ride.

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Saving you time and money while keeping your car sparkling clean.

When you are a Scrubbs Club member, wash your car whenever it's dirty. A monthly membership makes car washes convenient, saving you time and money! Plus, you’ll always have a spotless car. Now that’s worth it

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The Shiny Scrubb

As our price-point option, the Shiny Scrubb package offers the minimum Fusion products but still gets the job done! From the Spot-Free Rinse to the Triple Foam treatment to the final Wax and Weather Guard, even our most economical option will clean your car, help protect it, and get it back on the road as fast as you can say, thanks, Scrubbs!

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The Super Scrubb

As our second-tier package, the Super Scrubb adds an extra layer of foam that helps break down the most difficult surface contaminants, leaving your car spotless and dazzling. It also includes the Repel step which blocks water and improves glass visibility, making your car safer to drive. With a courtesy vacuum addition, the Super Scrubb will leave your car super clean!

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The Top Dog

Our most comprehensive package includes the full Fusion treatment. Each Fusion product has an important job to do from pre-soaking to washing to the weather-guard, waxing, and tire shine steps. Each solution is necessary to get your car looking brand new.

With the Top Dog package, you get the added bonus of the Evolution Ceramic X3 treatment, forming a durable shield to resist contaminants, dirt, and water along with providing a longer-lasting shine. Scrubbs says you won’t believe it until you try it!

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